Grains Council Promoting U.S. Sorghum in Peru for Export

Dan Grain, Industry News Release

The U.S. Grains Council has ramped up its sorghum promotion work in Peru. The Grains Council says the market in Peru is seeing both a significant discount to corn and can now import unlimited quantities of U.S. sorghum duty-free under the existing U.S.-Peru free trade agreement. A small group of USGC representatives visited the country last month and will follow up with another visit this week. As the fifth largest importer of U.S. corn, USGC says Peru’s growing meat, milk and egg production make it an ideal location for new products, specifically dried distiller’s grain and sorghum. Starting January first, the duty and quota restrictions on U.S. sorghum have been lifted under the free trade agreement, and a recent port expansion in Peru adds increased interest to the market. Grains Council global trade manager Alvaro Cordero says Peru shows potential that USGC is aiming to develop through direct market promotion. Cordero hopes that current prices and changing weather patterns in Argentina and Brazil will lead buyers in Peru to consider U.S. sorghum as a first choice.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.