11th-Hour Push for GMO Labeling Standard

Taylor Hillman General

GMO labeling
As the clock ticks down, there’s another push for a national GMO labeling standard before the Vermont labeling law goes into effect. Sabrina Hill has the story.

GMO labeling push report

The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food had a press call with leaders from America’s agricultural and food industries on the need for a national GMO labeling standard. The speakers discussed the ongoing negotiations in the U.S. Senate and the needed action by Congress to pass the bill. The coalition says failure to find and pass legislation by July 1 will have costly and lasting effects on the nation’s food supply chain.

Pamela Bailey, Grocery Manufacturers Association president and CEO, said the coalition understands that consumers want more information about their food, and stands behind “smart label” technology.

There are only five days left on the legislative calendar for Congress to pass a bipartisan solution before Vermont’s mandatory on-package labeling law goes into effect July 1.

Speaking on the call were Charles Conner, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives president and CEO; Pamela Bailey, Grocery Manufacturers Association president and CEO;  Leslie Sarasin, Food Marketing Institute president and CEO; and Steve Censky, American Soybean Association CEO. You can hear their remarks below.

Chuck Conner

Pamela Bailey

Leslie Sarasin

Steve Censky