EU Glyphosate Meeting Set for Next Week

Taylor Hillman Consumer News, General, Industry News Release

The European Union will again attempt to reach a deal to reauthorize glyphosate next week. The EU has until the end of this month to approve the sale and use of glyphosate before the license expires June 30th.

Politico reports the member countries may be seeking a very short-term extension of the authorization, pushing the final vote into next year. Doing so would allow Germany to sort out the “internal political wrangling” that is leading the country to abstain from the vote. However, the Glyphosate Task Force is calling for a full reauthorization, stating “there is no basis for anything less.” Meanwhile, a recent poll found British farmers indicated they prefer to leave the European Union, while listing the likelihood that glyphosate is going to be pulled from the market as another reason to go. The controversy over renewal stems from the International Agency for Research on Cancer listing glyphosate as likely a carcinogen, despite numerous reports that glyphosate is safe.