Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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gardening gift ideas
You’re down to the wire, but there’s still time to find some great gift ideas for the yard and garden enthusiasts on your Christmas List. Cathy Isom has some last-minute gift ideas for the green thumb on your list.

Gardening Gift Ideas

Excerpts from a publication from Johnson County Government The Best Times, Volume 32 No. 12 December, 2014.

Hoe-hoe-hoe: Wish lists for gardeners

By Dennis Patton

Oftentimes we struggle to find that perfect present. But when it comes to making purchases for fellow gardeners it could not get much easier. There are a number of gift giving ideas that are sure to please.

Like most hobbies, gardening has a myriad of tools and gadgets that make it enjoyable. One of these items may be just the gift for that special person. A few minutes at a nursery or garden center is sure to give you a few ideas. If browsing the shelves is not your idea of holiday fun, here are a few suggestions.

gardening gift ideas toolsTools are a great gift. Most gardeners could use a new trowel, sharp set of hand pruners, or even a sturdy saw. These items wear out, becoming dull and past their prime. Hand tools can range from $5 to $50 or more, depending on the item and its quality. Become a little more adventuresome and there are all sorts of special tools for the job. Many times we just don’t splurge on the latest and greatest, but these novelties make the best gifts.

Reference books are another great gift item. The book lover could get lost in a gardening section as there are so many titles to choose.

Books can be divided into a couple of categories. There are the coffee table books full of beautiful pictures and inspiration. These books whet the appetite and start the creative juices flowing, or cause one to daydream, lost in all the possibilities. The other main type of book is what I call a reference book. These books are short on pretty pictures but have “the meat” or information. Reference books range from topics on different plants, to the basics of landscaping or problem solving.

Books not only help the gardener learn but also pass the long winter days and nights. Who cannot resist curling up by the fire or wrapped in your favorite blanket sipping a warm beverage and dreaming of the upcoming season? In fact, dreaming, as real gardeners know, is all part of the fun and enjoyment of this hobby.

Another great gift idea is to purchase a membership to one of the area’s local botanical gardens. In addition to a membership gift, schedule a couple of outings with friends during the season. This way you are not just giving the membership but also your gift of time.

What a great way to spend time with special friends. What better way to show how much someone means to you than an outing to a beautiful garden, lunch, and time to catch up on life. This gift makes it much more personal than just another possession to pass along. Actually, the thing many people would really like is time to keep and renew friendships. How often have you said something like “it has been way too long” or “we need to get together?” Schedule that time now before it has passed.

If the more impersonal gift fits the bill then gift cards make an excellent choice. Local nurseries and garden centers, or even mail order companies have gift certificates. These can then be redeemed for merchandise that is handpicked by your gardening friend.

Dennis Patton is a horticulture agent at Johnson County’s K-State Research and Extension Office.