Getting Rid of Little Pests that Cause Big Problems Naturally

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Some natural ways to get rid of some little pests that can cause big problems in the garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Artichoke Slug
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If you’ve ever encountered snails and slugs in your garden, you know they are trouble.  Garden snails can chew through leaves on plants, reducing productivity.  Slugs can consume an entire plant in just one night. If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to get rid of these pests, some natural methods work just as well.

One example is introducing other predators into the garden, such as garter snakes. Create barriers using objects such as copper wire, petroleum jelly, or mesh curved outwards to repel garden snails. Emptied Grapefruit halves make great traps for these slimy critters.

It might seem like a strange idea, but adding mint to your garden could help.  It’s aromatic, and many pests find the smell offensive. Rosemary and thyme are both in the mint family, so their aroma helps to deter snails, slugs, and other dangerous pests. Planting them near your garden beds makes this area an unappealing place for the snails to call home.

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Getting Rid of Little Pests that Cause Big Problems Naturally