Getting Your Garden Fall Ready

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fall gardenCathy Isom gives you some ways to get your garden ready for fall.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Getting Your Garden Fall Ready

Sure, we are all ready for much cooler temperatures as we say our final goodbyes to summer later this week when Autumn begins.  But is your garden ready?

Here are a few things to check off the list:

Plant your spring bulbs in the next few weeks, including tulips and daffodils.

Get rid of any diseased foliage from infected plants.

Got an abundance of dormant perennials? Divide em up and share with friends and neighbors.

Rake and compost tree leaves.

Mulch garden beds to retain moisture in preparation for the soon to be fluctuating temperatures.

Stake young and newly planted trees.

Another thing you can do to prepare your garden for fall. Fill up the birdfeeder, since Fall is migration time and your feathered friends are sure to be paying a visit soon.

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