Get Covered With the Right Formulation

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Figure 1: Untreated wine grapes with powdery mildew infection. Figure 2: Wine grapes treated with a fungicide program of ChampION++™, Stylet Oil and Luna.

All Nufarm formulations currently sold for agricultural use are based on copper hydroxide as the active ingredient, and two products have OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approval for use in certified organic production.

“Copper hydroxide is a good compromise between a product that will readily release all of the copper ions in the presence of moisture, but won’t do it too quickly,” Bruss says. “You’ll get full availability, but you won’t get it so quickly that you get plant injury.”

Champ® WG is an effective copper hydroxide formulation that is cost effective, easy and efficient to use. As a water dispersible granule, this formulation provides good surface area coverage and disease protection. Champ WG has OMRI approval.

ChampION++™ Fungicide/Bactericide has the smallest, most consistent copper particles of any WG copper formulation. This results in better coverage and better disease control, all with less environmental load than high-dose copper products. ChampION++ has OMRI approval.

Champ® Dry Prill is the only dry prill copper product on the market. Unlike dry flowable formulations, Champ Dry Prill is made using a unique polymer process that forms particles that are resistant to attrition – so Champ Dry Prill is virtually dust-free. This dry prill formula enables Champ Dry Prill to mix faster and more easily.

Champ® Formula 2 Flowable is an advanced copper hydroxide formulation that is easy to handle and offers superior mixing characteristics. Champ Formula 2 Flowable provides broad-spectrum disease control, excellent tenacity and plant protection efficacy. This liquid formulation features a unique needle-shaped crystal structure that offers greater surface area coverage, as well as layers of protective covering.


Not all copper formulations are created equal, and it’s important to understand the unique properties of copper in order to truly maximize its benefit for your fields and orchards. Choose a product that provides uniform coverage of small, consistent copper particles in a form that readily releases copper ions for better disease control.

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