Germany Signaling Opposition to Bayer-Monsanto Deal

Dan Industry News Release, Seeds

Lawmakers in Germany are calling on regulators to curb Bayer Ag’s $66 billion proposed takeover of U.S. based Monsanto. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports a parliamentary session in Germany highlighted the backlash to Bayer’s proposed buy of Monsanto. Debate this week in the lower house of parliament, called by the Germany’s opposition Green Party, showed deep resistance to Bayer buying a U.S. company that many Germans view as a champion of genetically modified crops. Eight of the 12 lawmakers who spoke, including those from within Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition, cast doubt on the acquisition. One lawmaker said “more than 70 percent of Germans say they don’t want genetically modified food on their plates, but that’s exactly part of the strategy of this merger.” However, lawmakers in Germany have no legislative authority to stop the deal. Buying Monsanto would give Bayer, about 35 percent of the global market for seeds and farm chemicals.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.