German Activist Hope to Stop EU-Canada Trade Deal

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

Representatives of Canada and the EU shake hands-trade
Activist delivered a public complaint to Germany’s Constitutional Court this week in hopes to scuttle a trade agreement between the European Union and Canada. The activist called the complaint the “biggest ever” against a trade agreement. Many see the deal as a template for a potential EU-U.S. agreement, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The deal between the EU and Canada could increase trade between the two by 20 percent. However, many EU voters fear the agreement would give multinational corporations greater access to European markets without creating jobs, according to Reuters. Three groups opposing the deal delivered 70 boxes of documents with 125,000 signatures to the court this week. The groups argue the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement breaches Germany’s constitution, and want the court to stop implementation of the deal before its ratification by EU states.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.