Gardening Fall To-Do-List

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gardeningWinter is right around the corner. That means changes for your garden. Cathy Isom helps you with getting your fall gardening to-do-list in order. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Gardening Fall To-Do-List

Now that fall has arrived and the summer harvest has wrapped up, it’s time to get our to-do-list in order for the next season – winter gardening. October is the perfect time for harvesting the last veggies you have lingering in the garden bed and preparing for what comes next. It’s also a good time to remember to keep the water flowing, and continue to water trees, shrubs, and perennials before the ground gets too cold or in some areas frozen.

Don’t forget to cut back roses, removing any part that looks diseased, and cover roses with a layer of mulch to provide a layer of insulation.  Also be sure to clear your garden of any debris and keep things tidy. Chances are you won’t be spending too much time out there when the weather changes.

It’s also time to think about which root veggies – radishes, turnips, or carrots – you’ll want to plant right around the time the first frost hits. October is also a great time to plant garlic.

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