Fungi Helps Plants During Drought

Taylor HillmanDrought, Environment, Soil, Water

An additive can help Californians through this drought by delivering natural fungi back to the soil. Mycorrhizal Applications LLC is working with the natural fungi that helps plants maximize the moisture and nutrients that are in the soil.

Benefits of Fungi

Director of Education and Training Larry Simpson says this fungi is why you see healthy cactus trees growing in the the side of a desert rock formation, but the fungi has disappeared from working soils. Mycorrhizae needs active roots to stay alive and Simpson says in agriculture lands they have died off from many reasons such as crop rotation and following of land.

Fungi Absent in Working Lands

Simpson says the fungi increases the efficiency of roots, not only when it comes to water absorption, and showed an example of the water savings at a California Association of Pest Control Advisors education event last month.

Water Savings Example