Funding For California Citrus Research Project

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12-19-acpFunding from the USDA is headed to California for a research project to help fight the Asian citrus psyllid. Sabrina Hill has more.
Bio-control funding

The project is the use of a bio-control – specifically a tiny wasp, tamarixia, that eats the psyllids. Sabrina Hill talks with Director of the California Citrus Research Board, Ken Keck.

So far, the psyllid has made its way into 12 counties here in California. The most recent county in which the psyllid was found is San Luis Obispo. The disease it can spread, Huanglongbing disease, has only been found in one tree in the state.

The USDA funding will also add three new members to the Citrus Disease Subcommittee, including one from California.

Ken Keck, CRB

Ken Keck, CRB

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