Fruits and Vegetables Easy to Grow in Your Garden

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Some fruits and veggies that are easy to grow in your garden.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Lettuce, herb plants and onions in vegetable garden.
By Ann Louise Hagevi/Shutterstock

Covid-19 has forced us into the new normal of social distancing. And when it comes to grocery shopping, produce availability in stores is less consistent. There’s no better time than now than to learn how to grow our own fruit and vegetables so there’s no worries about access to some of the good foods we love to cook with and eat.

Even if you’ve never had a green thumb, herbs are a great entry point. They’re just about the easiest thing you can grow and very difficult to mess up. Plus, you can grow them inside or outside. Basil, thyme, mint, rosemary, sage, oregano…. they’re all easy to grow and will add a ton of flavor to your cooking.

Other easy fruits and veggies to grow from home include, lettuce, green beans, strawberries, kale, peppers, cucumbers, spinach, and squash. Growing your own food saves money and time. Purchasing seeds from local nurseries and garden shops also supports local small businesses.

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Fruits and Vegetables Easy to Grow in Your Garden