Fruit Growers Fight for Market Share in China

Taylor Hillman Fruits & Vegetables, Specialty Crops

Market Share
Demand for fruit in China continues to rapidly grow and U.S. exporters are fighting for market share. A report by the Department of Agriculture shows exports rose threefold to 3.8 million metric tons in 2015, representing nearly seven percent of total market share by value.

Politico says that while the U.S. continues to be a major supplier of fruit like bananas, grapes, oranges and apples to China, it faces increasing competition from both Chinese growers and neighbors of Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Combined, those three countries supply more than half of China’s fresh fruits each year. Still, USDA researchers say the export outlook to China remains good as the nation carries out a five-year plan to move citizens from rural areas to cities and modernize its agriculture industry. Analysts say the move means consumers will have more purchasing power.