Fresno County Citrus Bloom Declared for District 3

Taylor Hillman Citrus

Fresno County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer, Les Wright has announced that the citrus bloom period for District 3 will start at 1:00 a.m. on Friday, March 20, 2015. (Note: The area between Riverbend Avenue and Academy Avenue, north of Belmont Avenue- has been removed from District 3 and is now included in District 1).

All citrus growers, pest control operators, and beekeepers must comply with the regulations covering the citrus/bee protection areas (California Code of Regulations Sections 6654 and 6656). Please contact Supervising Agricultural/Standards Specialist, Dana Taniguchi at (559) 600-1931 with any questions regarding the bloom period or the citrus/bee regulations.

Fresno County
Citrus Bee Protection Districts

Citrus Bloom Dist 3.

REMINDER: District 3 no longer includes the area between Riverbend and Academy Avenue (north of Belmont)