Fresno County 10th Annual Fruit Trail Opens

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Fruit Trail Opening Ceremony
The Fresno County Fruit Trail is opening for its 10th season, in what has become another successful agri-tourism destination for the county. Sabrina Hill has more.
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The 10th Annual Fresno County Fruit Trail officially opens today. Fresno County is the number one agriculture county in the state, and in the nation. Its Blossom Trial in the early spring and Fruit Trail in late spring are both part of the county’s agri-tourism.

Visitors can go to the fruit trail website and print out a map of the trail, as well as local farmers markets where they can pick up more fresh, local produce. And, in making the most of the agri-tourism trend, the Fresno County Office of Tourism has also set up a Twitter account that people can follow to get the latest updates on the fruit trail.

Today’s Fruit Trail opening ceremony at Simonian Farms in Fresno County includes displays from about 20 area growers. Simonian Farms itself is a popular spot for those looking not only for fresh produce, but a little bit of agriculture history.

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