Fresh Citrus for California Food Banks

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Citrus Stride raises tons of fresh citrus for California food banks

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CDFA employees join other walkers at the State Capitol for the first annual Citrus Stride for California food banks. California Citrus Mutual will donate 1,000 pounds for each participant. About 300 people took part in today’s festivities, each walking a mile around the Capitol grounds. (Image courtesy of CDFA.)

California Citrus Mutual host the first ever “Citrus Stride”. A one-mile walk around the State Capitol in support of food banks across the state.  For every person who registered, 1,000 pounds of citrus will be donated to the Farm to Family program for distribution to food banks and food pantries around the state.

Citrus Stride is part of CCM’s ongoing campaign, Citrus Strong, which seeks to educate elected officials and policy makers about the benefits provided to the environment, economy, and people by California’s citrus growers.  This unique event offers a fun opportunity for legislators to meet citrus growers and their families while supporting communities in need. Participants will enjoy music, a photo booth, free swag, and a “citrus farmer’s market.”