Fresh Advertising Campaign for California Avocados

Brian German Fruits & Vegetables

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) is rolling out a fresh advertising campaign to coincide with the beginning of the California avocado season.  The revised efforts revolve around innovative media plans that will correspond with this year’s harvest.  Marketing activities will be ramping up as California avocado volume continues to build into April and will continue throughout the summer.

The promotion plans will include continuing the ‘Made of California’ campaign using updated and customized marketing strategies.  The efforts will highlight the proximity of avocado production to California consumers through the use of print and outdoor ads using graphics that are market specific.  Outside of California, the ad campaign will promote the avocados as “A Taste of California.”  Complementary content will also be produced with various digital partners to feature “Iconic California” recipes to emphasize the relationship between California avocados and the Golden State.

“CAC’s advertising is focused to reach avocado consumers and customized for retailers who merchandise California avocados,” CAC vice president of marketing Jan DeLyser said in a press release. “The messaging is designed to increase the value and preference for, and loyalty to California avocados in season.”

The fresh advertising campaign incorporates a media strategy focused on key markets and retailers in areas where California avocados are in distribution.  The overall approach will combine traditional marketing tactics with online outreach and increased social media presence.  Consumers will be encouraged to participate in outdoor “wild postings” and sharing their selfies featuring one of the ad graphics.  The goal is to provide a flexible and customizable marketing package that can support different retailers.

Later in the year, other promotional activities will highlight June as California Avocado Month.  There will also be several events and co-marketing ventures that will promote the various summer holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The CAC will remain working with chefs, dietitians and bloggers to emphasize the nutritional benefits and quality taste of California avocados.  The updated marketing campaign is designed to increase awareness and consumption of California avocados.