Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Deal Goes to A Vote

Taylor Hillman Cattle, General, Trade

Free Trade
A free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine was signed on Monday and will go to a vote in the parliaments of both countries for approval. AgCanada says the deal is expected to benefit Canada’s livestock sector, among others.

The signing follows a recent surge in trade between the countries that totaled $278 million in 2015, which was 14 percent higher than the year before. Canadian exports totaled $210 million in 2015, and imports from Ukraine reached $67 million. Trade officials say the greatest opportunities are for beef and dairy cattle producers, sheep and goat producers, along with beef, pork, and poultry packers and processors. Global Affairs Canada also notes significant opportunities in agricultural machinery and livestock management technologies. Global Affairs staff in Canada say long term business relationships between Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, especially Russia, have disintegrated. As a result, there may be more opportunities for Canadian companies as Ukraine’s trade market diversifies, particularly in food and agriculture.


From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.