Foods to Grow on a Balcony

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

Growing food at home can happen even when you don’t have a lot of outdoor space. A balcony, for example, can be the perfect setting with as little as ten or 20 square feet. These plants will do best in such compact settings and provide healthy, organic food in return. Such as Blueberries and Strawberries. They’ll do great in small containers or hanging baskets.

Try all sorts of Lettuce varieties – which do not require a lot of space or soil. A grapevine just needs a bit of space on the floor, and it will happily grow upwards and produce fruit above everything else. Tomatoes and Hot Peppers will also do well on the balcony. Tomato vines can be trained to grow on the railing.

Add some fresh herbs for some great ingredients and also attracting pollinators. And consider Nasturtium, which will add some colorful and edible flowers, as well as distract aphids away from tomatoes.