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Foods to Pickle

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foods pickle
Cathy Isom dives into the pickling world and tells you about foods you can pickle and why you should do it! That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Foods to Pickle

Pickles have been loved extensively throughout the world for thousands of years.

The healthiest and probably cheaper way to have your pickles and eat them too is to make them yourself. Pretty much any vegetable can be pickled, so the preserve possibilities are plentiful. Pickled foods also pack some pretty important health benefits such as providing probiotics that improve digestion and immune function and increasing the availability of nutrients and antioxidants found in foods.

Cucumbers are the most familiar choice for pickling. Generally, crunchy and watery vegetables make the best pickles, and the most nutrients. Such as beets.

Shallots, also known as fancy onions, can be made even fancier by making them into pickles.

Tomatoes aren’t just for ketchup and marinara, and can be pickled as well.

Carrots make excellent pickles, especially when pairing with Asian noodles, sushi or stir-fry.

And yes, fruit can be pickled as well, most often seen as pickled fruit rinds. Like Mangoes, Lemons, even watermelon.

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