Food Safety Workshops for Produce and Livestock Operations

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The California Department of Food and Agriculture is partnering with the University of California and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to provide workshops to encourage dialogue and cooperation between the different areas of California agriculture as it pertains to the prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks.

The Produce-Livestock Interface Workshops are scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, at the Desert Research & Extension Center in Holtville and Thursday, June 13 at the Robert J Cabral Agricultural Center in Stockton.  Both of the events will begin at 9 am and are part of the California Good Agriculture Neighbors Workshop series.  The workshops are designed for fruit and vegetable growers, livestock owners, and others who are interested in learning how produce safety procedures and livestock management practices can be better coordinated to increase overall food safety.

The workshops are being conducted by the UC Davis Western Institute for Food Safety and Security.  Information on registration is available through the department’s website.

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