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Food Apps to Cut Down on Food Waste

Dan This Land of Ours

food WasteCathy Isom lets you know how your smartphone could help cut down on food waste. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

A shocking 40 percent of wasted food ends up landfills, which in turn produces methane gas. Not a good thing for our Mother Earth and what could be a huge factor in contributing to climate change.  But as technology would have it, there are ways a smartphone can actually help stop food waste.

That’s right, there’s an app for that. Actually four.

The app Olio empowers neighbors to post, and claim, extra food.

Food for All – is an app listing restaurants that are offering deep discounts on stuff that would normally be thrown out.

There’s also the Food Rescue US app – receive alerts when surplus eats need to be picked up (typically from grocery stores, farmers markets, or caterers) and delivered to soup kitchens and other hunger-prevention organizations.

And finally the USDA Foodkeeper app – which is helpful when freezing ground beef, for instance, and in three months, you’ll be reminded that it’s use-it-or-lose-it time.

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