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Flowering Shrubs that are Excellent Attractors of Pollinators

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Some of the best flowering shrubs for pollinators. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Bluebeard is a late-season bloomer with powder-puff blue, pink, or purple flowers on compact plants with gray-green foliage. Selections offering variegated or chartreuse foliage are also available. Its flowers are very very attractive to butterflies.

Weigela, popular with hummingbirds, Weigela’s red or pink trumpet-shape flowers bloom profusely in spring and often bloom again in mid to late summer. Some varieties of this flowering shrub bear white flowers, while others produce copper, burgundy, or variegated leaves.

Ninebark is popular with butterflies and bees and features clusters of pretty pink buds that turn into white flowers in the spring.

Butterfly Bush is also a hit with pollinators, featuring long panicles of tiny flowers full of nectar. These bushes can get very large, and they grow fast, they should be pruned hard every spring, and spent flowers should be removed in the fall.

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Some Excellent Flowering Shrubs for Pollinators