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Five Reasons to Farm to Table

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fresh farm table


Cathy Isom gives you five reasons that might make you want to join the Farm to Table Movement. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.



Nothing tastes better than a fresh and juicy tomato that’s picked right from the garden. Not to mention if that garden is conveniently located just footsteps away from your kitchen. No driving into town, and no spending money at the grocery store. This is just one example of the popular Farm to Table Movement, which is all about food traveling the least amount of distance from the farm to your table.  Or your fork! If you’re still on the fence about joining the Farm to Table Movement, here are five reasons that may help you decide.

First, you’re getting healthier food. Local produce means it doesn’t have to travel from hundreds of miles from the farm to canadayour local store. It’s also not being sprayed with chemicals to help keep it from spoiling while en route. And, because it’s local, it’s spending more time on the vine and picked practically right before you eat. So, it so it’s much tastier.

The second benefit of Farm to table is environmental sustainability.  Aside from being healthier for you, local food is good for the environment. Because now that we are keeping it local, we aren’t using as much diesel fuel that a semi-trailer uses to cart produce hundreds of miles. Now multiply that by thousands of trucks all across the country and you’ll get just a glimpse into how the conventional system can hurt the environment.

The third benefit is the positive impact on local farmers. Food that comes from local farmers means money is put right into local businesses and farms. It also helps keep the cost of produce down, so you can still eat healthy if you’re on a budget.

The fourth benefit of Farm to Table is improved animal welfare. The farm to table movement focuses on buying from local, family-owned farms that treat their animals well, provide them with proper food and housing, and use sustainable practices.

The Fifth Reason and benefit for the Farm to Table Movement? Better business for restaurants.  Because restaurants are buying their meat and produce local, and they’re cultivating relationships with local farmers who will continue to supply them.

The farm to table movement is still growing and catching on in many communities. It could inspire sustainable practices. It just might end up changing the entire industrial food system.

I’m Cathy Isom…