Fighting Almond Disease? Particle Size Does Matter.

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Whether you’re fighting bacterial blast, canker or brown rot, this dieback threatens your livehlihood. There are a number of fungicides for managing serious almond disease – and the key to effective disease control with copper is coverage.

The more uniformly and completely leaf surfaces are covered, the better the performance. Nufarm’s Copper Champs contain more precise-sized particles, and more of them. In fact, over 90% of the particles in Copper Champ® products measure in at significantly smaller size than the competition, giving Champs an advantage in coverage and control.

The best news is that Champs fungicide some in several formulations based on your needs. OMRI-listed Champ® WG is often the go-to choice for almond disease. It’s convenient

water-dispersible granule delivers superior coverage and control without clogging equipment, helping growers treat more acres per day with one of the strongest copper products on the market. It’s an ideal fungicide when tough conditions call for a higher metallic load.

ChampION++™ fungicide’s supercharged Cu++ (cupric ions) are the smallest, most uniform copper particle distribution of any WG copper formulation. The result: better coverage and better disease control. Plus, ChampION++ delivers all that with less environmental load than high dose copper products.

If a dry formulation fits your needs, Champ® Dry Prill should be on your list. This convenient

advanced copper formulation has all the punch you’d expect from a Champ. And it has a secret weapon – its unique polymer-based formulation that promotes dispersion while virtually eliminating dust.

Champ® Formula 2 Flowable is a popular disease management tool with uniquely shaped particles in a “never settle” formula – even after a year of storage in extreme temperatures. Champ stays in suspension longer, mixes easier in water and covers plants better to deliver superior protection.