Fertilizer Research and Education Grant Funding

Dan General, Industry News Release

fertilizer research
The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Fertilizer Research and Education Program (FREP) is currently accepting proposals for a 2016 special grant program for fertilizer research and education. This competitive grant program funds research that advances the environmentally safe and agronomically sound use of fertilizing materials.

Funding availability is limited to proposals that address the following research and educational priorities:

  1. The role of biochar in nutrient management of California soil-crop systems,
  2. Technical education and outreach for growers and agricultural staff, and
  3. Addressing challenges and barriers to improving management practices.

Applicants are invited to submit full proposals to the FREP by September 1, 2016. Proposals submitted must be in line with at least one of the program’s identified special priority research areas.

Further information on the grant program, including timelines, application criteria, and priority research areas are available at:

All proposals will be reviewed by the FREP’s Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TASC).

Applicants may send e-mail inquiries and proposals to

Since 1990, the Fertilizer Research and Education Program has funded more than 200 research projects focusing on California’s vital and environmentally sensitive cropping systems. A database of completed and ongoing research is publically available at: