Feral Swine in America

Feral Swine in America: USDA-APHIS Goes to Georgia

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Feral Swine in America

The newest video in the ongoing series, Feral Swine in America: Episode 5- Georgia, takes us to peanut fields to hear about the invasive species’ impacts on this American staple crop. We also go to Cumberland Island to see how feral swine impact sea turtles and the collaborative efforts made to prevent nest damage.

APHIS is offering this video series, which chronicles feral swine’s impact on Americans’ livelihoods through damage to agricultural and natural resources, to increase public awareness. The National Feral Swine Damage Management Program was established in 2014 with the overarching goal to protect agricultural and natural resources, property, animal health, and human health and safety by managing damage caused by feral swine in the United States and its territories.

Go to the APHIS YouTube site and follow the Feral Swine in America playlist. Enjoy Episode 5: Georgia and watch for future episodes to be released soon!

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Feral Swine in America USDA-APHIS Goes to Georgia

This video series shows the stories of farmers, ranchers, and others impacted by invasive feral swine. Episode 5- Georgia looks at the damage feral swine causes to peanut farms and the impact on Georgia farmers. This episode also takes you to Cumberland Island to learn about the devastating impact feral swine have on nesting sea turtles.