Feed Industry Welcomes New Secretary of Commerce

Taylor Hillman Industry News Release

The American Feed Industry Association welcomes Wilbur Ross as the new Secretary of Commerce in the Trump Administration.

AFIA announced its intention to work closely with the Department of Commerce moving forward on things like trade efforts, including animal food, which fall under the Department’s authority. The association will also support the new Secretary in the promotion and enforcement of laws regarding fair trade and open markets for U.S. commerce. “International trade offers the greatest potential for the U.S. animal food industry’s future growth,” says AFIA President and CEO Joel Newman. “In 2016, our industry’s exports exceeded $11 billion in feed, feed ingredients, and pet food. It’s important for Secretary Ross to understand that overseas markets are the key for continued development and success of the U.S. feed industry.” The association says it looks forward to working with Secretary Ross, and the secretary of agriculture, to ensure the international trade needs, concerns and interests of the U.S. feed industry are represented and taken into consideration in broader administrative trade policy strategies led by the Commerce Department.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.