FCC Report Highlights Value of Broadband to Ag Productivity

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FCC Report

A report from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) details the impact that broadband internet has on agricultural production. In a paper titled “Impact of Broadband Penetration on U.S. Farm Productivity” the FCC’s Office of Economics and Analytics shows that the proliferation of broadband access has had a positive impact on crop yields and other farm production metrics.

Using FCC data and information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the report highlights the effect that broadband connectivity has on the production of certain row crops. One of the key findings of the report is that increased broadband service has helped lower costs for things such as fertilizer, fuel, and seed. At the same time, better internet access has also resulted in better yields. For example, the data shows that a one percent increase in the number of strong broadband connections per 1,000 households, is associated with a 3.6 percent increase in corn yields.

Listen to the radio report below.

FCC Report Highlights Value of Broadband to Ag Productivity
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