Farming from the Heart – Salinas Valley Fair Continued

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Farming from the heart-001Last week Corryn posted her show from last Friday about her interview with the CEO of the Salinas Valley Fair. On May 11th, King City kicked off its annual Salinas Valley Fair. Corryn made her way out to the fair and spoke with each of the species champions and also the CEO of the fair, Ms. T.J. Plew.

T.J. grew up in Weaverville, California, attended Modesto Junior College and also at Cal Poly, where she received her degree in Agri-Buisness with a concentration in Policy. She has twenty years experience with working at several different fairs, including the State Fair, two of those years with her current position as the Salinas Valley Fair CEO.  When Corryn interviewed T.J., she asked T.J. about her plans on using the fair as a tool to educate the general public; T.J.said  that the biggest educator of the general public is the exhibitors that participate in the fair. 

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