Farming from the Heart- Erin Gorter from Cal Poly SLO

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Ag EducationMany current issues within the agriculture industry have surfaced, and Ag education seems to be one of them.

The lack of Ag teachers in our California schools is one of the biggest issues educators see right now, but one teacher educator says there is a solution; we just need to act on it.

I spoke about this issue with Erin Gorter, former high school FFA Advisor and current Teacher Educator in the Ag Education and Commuincation Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Gorter says that right now we don’t have enough teachers to educate the younger generation. Without this influence of Ag educators on the younger generation, Gorter says it only fuels the misconception of agriculture practices. She gives a piece of advice to those looking to teach agriculture;  stick with it because it is one of the most re-warding jobs.

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