Farming Assistance Resources Available from NRCS

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nrcsnrcsThe Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offers multiple different programs to farmers that can help enhance their operations, making them more sustainable and ultimately more successful. The organization has a large and diverse staff that can provide professional assistance in the implementation of sustainable farming systems and techniques.

“We help farmers and ranchers and forest landowners with one-on-one conservation plans,” NRCS Special Assistant to the State Conservationist Gayle Barry. “We’ll talk to you about your particular place, your particular resources, the slope of your land, the soil that you have, and then together with you on a voluntary basis we’ll help you figure that out.”

With offices throughout the state NRCS staff can provide services and attend to individual concerns for farmers in any county in California. “Maybe you’re concerned about water quality, or soil erosion. Maybe you’re interested in building the health of your soil, for future generations,” said Barry. “We also have some financial resources to help when you decide what you want to do.”

Farming Assistance Resources Available from NRCS

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