Farmers, Ranchers Call on Capitol Hill to Address Agriculture’s Needs

Taylor Hillman General

farm bureau-b-w
Nearly 500 Farm Bureau members from across America are visiting policymakers on Capitol Hill today to discuss the most pressing issues facing agriculture.

Today’s meetings come at the conclusion of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s AFBF Advocacy Conference. Farmers and ranchers representing nearly all commodities from 43 states gathered in Washington, D.C., this week to discuss top policy priorities and hone their grassroots advocacy efforts.

Farm Bureau members are meeting with their elected representatives to discuss a wide range of issues including immigration, tax reform, international trade, the Endangered Species Act, water regulation and biotechnology.

“Congress needs to hear straight from farmers and ranchers about the issues and regulations that affect their ability to do their jobs each day,” Dale Moore, executive director of public policy for AFBF, said. “Farmers and ranchers are on the frontlines working to feed a booming global population. They are the best representatives to tell agriculture’s story and explain to policymakers how legislation can make or break the future for more than a million family farms and ranches.”