Farmers for Free Trade Launching $500,000 Ad Campaign on Trade

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Farmers for Free Trade is gearing up for a half-million-dollar ad campaign for a new television ad warning against the aggressive trade policies of President Trump. farmersFarmers for Free Trade says those policies make agriculture a prime target against trade retaliation.

The ad will highlight Montana grain and oilseed farmer Michelle Erickson-Jones. It’s scheduled to run on Fox and Friends, Lou Dobbs, and Morning Joe, as well as online. In the ad, Erickson-Jones says, “We depend on free trade policies to maintain our export markets. The crops we grow here on this farm are exported across the globe. Policies that restrict trade would be devastating for farms like ours.” She goes on to say in the ad that she’d like to pass their farm down to her children and ends by asking the president to protect free trade and keep our agricultural economy strong.

Farmers for Free Trade co-chair Richard Lugar says, “America’s farmers and ranchers depend on policies that open markets and are hurt by policies that throw up barriers to trade.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.

Trade is critical to U.S. agriculture. Now you can add your voice in support of free trade. Farmers for Free Trade is launching the Voice of the Farmer campaign. Visit to add yours.