Farm and Ranch Safety Week

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Farm Bureau Agriculture Safety Awareness Week
The 2016 Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Week is celebrated March 6-12. The theme for the week is “Caution—Safety is No Accident” and will highlight a different safety focus each day of the week. The week-long program promotes safety on the ranch and farm. That story ahead on This Land of Ours.

Farm and Ranch Safety Week

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Farm Safety during Agricultural Safety Awareness Week

Farm Bureau Agriculture Safety Awareness WeekWhile National Farm Safety Week is recognized during fall harvest, in reality spring planting season is the most dangerous time of the year for farmers. Farm Bureau wants to raise awareness of this fact to those involved in production agriculture by sponsoring Agriculture Safety Awareness Week just prior to spring planting season. Spring planting means tractors will be started, plows attached, and long days of hard work will begin as farmers hurry to get their crops in the ground as early as possible to increase yields.

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation, which comes as a surprise to most people who are not farmers. It is no surprise to those of us involved in agriculture, however. Few, if any, farmers and ranchers do not personally know families who lost loved
ones in farm mishaps, not to mention the injuries that cause loss of fingers, hands, arms and legs.

Unfortunately, much of many states’ productive farm land is dangerous because of the hilly terrain. Planting on a slope is always more dangerous, but many farmers who are part time producers cannot invest in new farm equipment incorporating the latest in safety features.

In fact, many farmers have old tractors without ROPS (roll-over protection structures). Old equipment is no excuse for unsafe practices, however; most tractors can be retrofitted with ROPS regardless of age, and farmers owning such tractors are encouraged to install them prior to the next planting season.

Finally, special attention must be paid to children on the farm during planting season. Nothing is harder for parents than losing a child. Regardless of their maturity and experience on the farm, kids will still be kids – and kids look for shortcuts. Shortcuts when operating equipment often lead to tragic results – never take for granted your child knows better.

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The first in a series of Farm Safety videos from Farm Bureau is “Growing Safety-ATV Safety”.

ATVs offer a level of simplicity, convenience, and versatility in the ag sector. However, there are dangers associated with operating an ATV. Watch as one teen shares how an ATV accident changed his life, and a safety expert discusses how ATV accidents can be prevented.

Look for additional videos and farm safety tips this week.