Farm Planning for The Future

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David Specht on farm planning

David Specht

What happens to the family farm when the primary owner passes away? How about transitions that happen in other circumstances? According to strategy consultant David Specht, there are many instances for which farm families should prepare long before the circumstance arises. He speaks with AgNet West news director Sabrina Hill about farm planning and his new book to help farm families do just that.

David Specht – Farm Planning

We caught up with Specht at the World Ag Expo and asked him for tips for farmers as they consider planning for the future. Listen to the interview above for more.

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Dave Specht is a writer, keynote speaker and strategy consultant to family-owned farms and ranches. He lives in Basin City, Washington with his wife Taneil and five children. He is the creator of the mobile app, Inspired Questions-For Farmers, and the Generational Business 360 process.

The world is facing one of the greatest eras of farm transitions in history. These events can be stressful and dangerous to the future of family relationships and the farm operation.  Is your family ready for the ownership and management transitions that will need to take place?
Dave Specht in The Farm Whisperer tackles some of the top issues that cause these plans to stall or not take place at all.  He shares his secrets to making the planning process more intuitive through his use of Inspired Questions-For Farmers.
The end results of proper transition planning are feeding the world, protecting family relationships and keeping the farm or ranch in the family.
Specht shares his real life stories of consulting with some of America’s oldest and largest farms in an effort to provide clarity on your next steps in your farm succession journey.