Farm City Newsday 1,000 Episodes Celebration Wraps Up with Biobest

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Biobest is helping wrap up the celebration of 1,000 episodes of the Farm City Newsday podcast. The company is providing beneficial insects and services valued at $2,500 as part of the final giveaway of the month-long event. Southwest Sales Manager for Biobest, Jose Morales said the team was excited to partner with AgNet West, understanding the value of getting important information out to the industry.

“Doing this daily podcast to provide farmers, growers, and anybody in the agriculture industry with some information that can be useful to them while they’re driving from farm to farm, I think its immensely helpful for people,” Morales noted.

Biobest has a central focus of sustainable crop management. The company has a host of biological control insects in its portfolio, as well as bumblebees for natural pollination. The biobest team also helps craft biological control plans to match the needs of individual farming operations. Morales explained that the giveaway package would allow someone curious about beneficials to get a close-up example of how biocontrol can work.

“We’re really excited about the package. We’re starting with a $500 gift of biobest beneficials for the operation and we’re also throwing in something that I think is really neat,” said Morales. “We’re giving the opportunity for a site to have those beneficial insects applied by a drone with Parabug. Then also having our team go out and visit the site and understand what the pest pressures are, the seasonality’s, and what are the best tools that we have to attack those issues.”

Industry members are encouraged to join in the celebration of the 1,000th episode of the Farm City Newsday podcast. Below are the Facebook and Twitter posts that producers need to use for entry. All you have to do is tag a friend who is involved in commercial agriculture in the comments and then share/re-tweet the post. The final winner will be drawn on Friday, March 19.

Listen to the interview below.
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