Farm City Newsday 1,000 Episodes Celebration Continues with PureCrop1

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The month-long celebration of the 1,000th episode of the Farm City Newsday podcast continues with the help of PureCrop1. As a long-standing partner with AgNet West, PureCrop1 is participating in the series of giveaways. The company is graciously providing 100 gallons of product valued at more than $6,000 to one lucky winner.


National Sales Manager for PureCrop1, Ray Stoll said partnering with AgNet West to provide the agricultural community with important news updates is critical for the industry as a whole. Outreach and interaction with the grower community have become even more important over the past year. “We’ve been trying to reach our growers through the pandemic and our retailers,” Stoll explained. “It has been a very difficult journey for us without trade shows, and not having the ability to have one-on-ones.”

Stoll has a long history in the agriculture industry. Working in the Central Valley for nearly 40 years, Stoll said that PureCrop1 is a unique option for growers. PureCrop1 utilizes nanotechnology to offer a mode of action unlike any other. This week’s winner will receive a 100-gallon supply of a multi-use material that works in conventional and organic systems.

“It’s a terrific penetrating surfactant. I used it in conjunction with a lot of conventional chemistry to provide an extra mode of action in the tank for hard-to-control pests, from insects to diseases,” said Stoll. “I might have been using it for an insect out there in the field, but I discovered that at the same time I was not seeing any diseases because it was truly going after both at the same time.”

Industry members are encouraged to join in the celebration of the 1,000th episode of the Farm City Newsday podcast. Below are the Facebook and Twitter posts that producers need to use for entry. All you have to do is tag a friend who is involved in commercial agriculture in the comments and then share/re-tweet the post. A winner will be drawn every Friday through March 19.

Listen to the interview below.

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