Farm Bureau Roadshow Highlights Value of Industry Unity

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President of the California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF) Jamie Johansson highlighted the value that Farm Bureau provides for the industry at the Farm Bureau Roadshow that was recently held at the Modesto Junior College Ace Pavilion.  When the agriculture industry can join together with a unified message it can be extremely effective in achieving change for the better.

farm bureau roadshow
Courtesy of Stanislaus County Farm Bureau

“The biggest value is that when you have farmers that can come together, hammer out policy and what’s best for agriculture and ultimately what’s best for California,” Johansson noted. “You have a very powerful voice.”

Farm Bureau provides a multitude of pathways for farmers to further develop their skill set as a leader within the industry. The first step in making an impact and contributing to the agricultural industry as a whole is asking how to get engaged.  “Just raise your hand. There’s not enough of us where we can afford not to call on you, but we need people to raise their hand and get involved,” said Johansson.

Although getting involved in Farm Bureau can be a notable investment of time, along with the cost of membership dues, the benefits that can be provided individually and to the entire industry can be substantial.  Farmers and ranchers who want to affect positive change can do so on a variety of levels.

“The return in terms of being able to have a voice and input I think is invaluable and it is the one general ag organization that if you want to make a difference locally, you can do that.  If you want to be involved in the capitol in Sacramento, you can do that, or even in Washington D.C.,” said Johansson. “Really, one of the few organizations that hits all aspects of public policy that affect farmers.”

The Farm Bureau Roadshow was hosted through a collaboration between CFBF, the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau, the Merced County Farm Bureau, and the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation.  The event also provided important industry updates on a variety of topics such as water and new labor regulations.  Farm Bureau makes it possible for industry members to get involved and make a difference. “I know there’s a lot of farmers out there that have a vision for how they want to change the pressures that they’re under, and Farm Bureau is a great avenue for that,” Johansson explained.

Listen to Johansson’s interview below.

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