Fall Favorites to Add Seasonal Color to Your Garden

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Some fall favorites to add seasonal color to your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Freshen up your garden by planting these classic plants that will look colorful until frost.

Pansies are cheerful, edible flowers that come in red, orange, yellow, white purple, and blue. If you haven’t tried Strawflower, you’re in for a treat. It has stiff, paper-like petals, which make the blooms especially useful for dried floral crafts. Ornamental peppers are tough annuals that will spice up any garden.

Although flowering kale is related to the types of kale you’d grow for eating, it’s more commonly an ornamental than edible plant because it has thick, tough leaves. And despite the name, this kale doesn’t technically flower, but the inner leaves often are white, pink, or purple. Pair it with mixed pansies, and you’ll have a pretty, seasonal display that will hold up well to freezing temperatures.

Calibrachoa is another favorite annual flower known for its bright colors and low-maintenance care. While it is commonly thought of as a summer annual, calibrachoa holds up well to cold temperatures, too. It’s a staple for fall annual container gardens, and looks especially pretty spilling from hanging basket. 

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Fall Favorites to Add Seasonal Color to Your Garden