FAA Sues Farmer Over Irrigation Rigs

Dan Industry News Release

faaFederal authorities have filed a lawsuit against a Georgia farmer because they allege the farmer’s massive metal crop-irrigation rig is causing radio interference.

An ABC News report says the irrigation unit is on a farm in south Georgia where the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a radio tower that relays signals to keep aircraft on course.

The lawsuit alleges that radio interference from the 1,200-foot structure caused the FAA to shut down the transmitter in February, which affected operations at nine different airports. The government’s complaint alleges that the transmitter is in close proximity to Robins Air Force Base, making the situation even more serious. The lawsuit warns that flight integrity has been compromised.

The government isn’t accusing the irrigation unit of actually transmitting a signal, but instead is degrading the FAA radio signal. Three men were identified as landowners and are listed as defendants. They couldn’t immediately be reached for comment by ABC News on Friday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is seeking an immediate court injunction and an order telling the farmers to move the unit.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.