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Exploring the Complexity of Seed Development

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seed development

As the needs of farmers continue to change, the process of seed development also evolves to produce the type of seed that farmers require.  President and CEO of the American Seed Trade Association, Andy LaVigne explained how their Innovature partnership helps to clarify how the seed industry is adapting to new challenges growers are facing.

“It really is looking at breeding today in plants and animals; the importance of people understanding that breeding evolves because research evolves, science evolves,” said LaVigne.  “We want to make that the forum for people to better understand breeding methods and how they’re evolving today and how research are bringing those products into the growers’ hands to be able to produce them in the fields.”

That evolution of plant breeding and seed development also relies on the evolution of regulatory standards to enable production.  “These breeding methods are going to provide some great opportunities to deal with more efficient inputs, different types of varieties for consumer demand, flavor and tastes, and shelf life, you name it,” LaVigne noted.  “Our researchers are really doing a great job of discovery, so we’ve got to make sure that we’ve got a good pathway to get to the marketplace and to America’s farmers.”

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Exploring the Complexity of Seed Development
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