Eventful Year Ahead for U.S. Cotton

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The new year is shaping up to be another busy one for the National Cotton Council and the U.S. cotton industry as a whole. President and CEO of the National Cotton Council (NCC), Dr. Gary Adams explained that the issue of sustainability will be a major point of emphasis for the year ahead.

“That has been a focus of the industry and now even greater focus of the U.S. cotton industry as we look to launch the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol,” said Adams.  “We’re going to be rolling that out in a bigger launch as we move into the second quarter of 2020.  We have a pilot phase underway now, so we’re very excited about that new initiative.”

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is a program aimed at helping the industry meet its 2025 sustainability goals and reiterate to the textile supply chain that American cotton is the “responsible choice.”  The Council will also remain involved in several other areas to help ensure the success of the cotton industry moving forward.

“We will also continue a lot of ongoing efforts that we have.  We’ll monitor developments on the regulatory side. We’re going to continue with our education efforts in the industry,” Adams noted.  “When we look across the gamut of the issues the Council’s dealing with, we do anticipate it to be a busy year.” 

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Eventful Year Ahead for U.S. Cotton
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