Europe’s Leading Livestock Event, Sommet de l’Elevage, Welcomes 95,000+ Professionals

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sommetIt was under a clear blue sky and blazing sunshine that the 27th edition of the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE came to an end. A more than satisfactory year for many reasons.

On the one hand, in terms of visitors, the show’s organisers are satisfied, as Jacques Chazalet, the SOMMET’s President underscored: “With 95,000 visitors to the show in 2018, we remain on the same trend as last year, which, taking into account the difficult context of the drought that farmers are currently having to face up to, is not bad at all”.

This edition was also marked by the visit of the Turkish Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, who was accompanied during his visit by Jacques Mezard, the French Minister for Territorial Cohesion. The Turkish minister seized the opportunity of his visit to the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE to make several announcements in respect to the import conditions of French cattle to Turkey. His visit was greatly appreciated by the show organisers, as was that of the French Agriculture Minister, Stéphane Travert.

Proof that the SOMMET participates towards the development of livestock business at an international scale” adds Fabrice Berthon, the SOMMET’s General Manager.

International: visitor numbers up by 8%

Also, among the show’s positives, the International Lounge never emptied throughout the three days of the show and the international visitors were once again present in number. With almost 4,800 international visitors from 80 countries visiting the 2018 SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE which equates to an 8% increase compared to the 2017 numbers. The SOMMET confirms once again its position as an international business place with an increase in foreign visitors. Those who discovered the show for the very first time (visitors from Ethiopia, Ecuador, Vietnam, to name just a few) were charmed by the quality of the livestock on show, as well as the vast range of services, equipment, livestock material and farm machinery on display. And for the other visitors, they were more than satisfied with the overall atmosphere and notably the warm welcome they received at the show.

A delegation of 150 Turkish farmers and farm-industry actors accompanied their Minister of Agriculture to the show and with the announcement of the easing of the health conditions for French livestock exports, this year’s invitation to Turkey as the 2018 guest of honour is possibly the most noteworthy of recent years. “We can now say that the Turkish market is a little more open (to French exports) due to the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE” as Benoît Delaloy, the SOMMET’s International Manager, warmly declared.

As for other official visits, the show welcomed the Zambian Ambassador to France, the Ugandan Livestock Minister and the Romanian Secretary of State for Agriculture, to quote just a few.

Farm visits (35 in total) were also greatly appreciated by the close on 100 visitors per visit, as were the conferences, and the International Livestock Evening that was most successful with the Zenith concert hall full and a perfectly-timed parade of livestock.

The exhibitors more than satisfied

Another area of satisfaction for the show’s organisers is that of the exhibitors. The business atmosphere was electric in the show’s alleys. The trade public were present in their numbers and many contacts made, despite the difficult economic and climatic (drought) conditions. For Steve Bubel, Sales Director at PÖTTINGER, “We are extremely satisfied with this latest edition of the show and even more so in having been awarded a Sommet d’Or (Innovative award for services, machinery and supplies) that gave us even greater visibility enabling us to make some excellent business contacts. It is now 27 years that PÖTTINGER has exhibited at the SOMMET and for us it is the show that we simply cannot afford to miss! ». Same tone at KUHN that applauds the quality of the contacts made and the friendly atmosphere present at the show. As for the German firm PATURA, it already envisages increasing its stand size by 20% for next year.

«A new permanent exhibition hall scheduled for 2021 will enable us to increase our capacity and the quality of the reception for exhibitors and visitors alike» adds Jacques Chazalet, the show’s President.

Livestock judging at the highest level

The SALERS breed National Championships, quantity and quality

With almost 400 animals present at the SOMMET, the Salers breed National Championships fulfilled its objectives: the breeders were delighted and motivated as ever, the show in the Zenith was spectacular and the public came in their numbers to watch either from the stands or from the alleyways in the middle of the cattle. For Bruno Faure, Director of the French Salers Breeders Society, “It is always an immense pleasure for us to organise our national championships during the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE. It is an important moment when many of the breeders get together allowing us to showcase the Salers breed both nationally and internationally”. This year was also the Salers breed’s International Congress with almost 200 farmers coming to the event. “Another important moment for the SOMMET allowing the show to reinforce a little more the idea of being definitively open to the world with breeders coming from throughout Europe, Mexico, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. For all the breeders, we can safely say and without any restriction that the SOMMET 2018 was a resounding success”.

Euro Simmental – Bang on target

« Super, a truly excellent show », Hervé Vignon, Director of the French Simmental breed does not mince his words in commentating the Simmental European Championships. “The quality of the livestock was bang on target, the competition was appreciated by many and went off very well. The feedback from the breeders is excellent and the 8 German and Austrian cows all found new homes following the auction sale.” As for the judging result, it was at a truly international level for the breed with a German Champion heifer, a French Champion cow and a Swiss Supreme Champion cow!

A successful first participation for the HIGHLAND CATTLE breed

« Extremely satisfied! » was how Guillaume Pobeaud, President of the French Highland Cattle Society (FHCS), qualified the breed’s first participation at the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE. With only 2 Highland cows, he was more than delighted. As the FHCS’ objectives are to promote the breed as large and as wide as possible, the SOMMET is the best means to reach that objective. “In terms of visitors, our stand never emptied. There were many visitors who were interested in the breed. We also made some very good contacts with not just French farmers, but also breeders from Switzerland, Poland and Italy. To be followed up! Without hesitation, we’ll be there next year!”

The SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE 2018 in a few figures:

  • 1,500 exhibitors including 300 international exhibitors from 32 countries
  • 18 ha (44.5 acres) of show area
  • 80,000 m² of net stand space
  • 95,000 visitors
  • 4,800 international visitors from 84 countries
  • 35 farm and agri-industrial site visits
  • 2,000 animals representing 70 different breeds on show
  • 190 journalists of which 52 international journalists from 27 countries

The 2019 SOMMET will host the Blonde d’Aquitaine National Breed Championships.

Save the dates 2, 3 & 4 October 2019!