Environmentally Friendly Ways to Eliminate Plastic

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environmentallyCathy Isom tells us about some environmentally friendly ways to stop buying and using plastic. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Eliminate Plastic

Plastic takes up a lot of space on this Earth. It’s the go-to material for manufacturers of so many products we use everyday. Whether we are buying it for storage or still using those plastic bags at the grocery store, just about everywhere we look these days there’s a lot of plastic. It’s no secret plastic could potentially be harmful to not only our health but the environments, too. environmentallyHere’s how to switch out plastic uses in our everyday lives.

When grocery shopping, use a sturdy canvas grocery bag and invest in some reusable produce bags. If you pack your lunch, substitute the plastic baggies for reusable sandwich bags.

Switch to glass straws, glass water bottles, and glass containers instead of plastic tupperware. Choose fresh whole foods instead of foods wrapped in plastic. In the kitchen, opt for metal or biodegradable silverware. Bamboo or porcelain plates. For babies, use glass bottles rather than silicone sleeves.  For your pets, use ceramic for food bowls.

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