Enteric Methane Reduction Research Program Accepting Applications

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Full proposals for projects aimed at addressing methane emissions are currently being accepted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The new 2023 Livestock Enteric Methane Emission Reduction Research Program is part of California Climate Investments which uses Cap-and-Trade funds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The California Budget Act of 2022 allocates $9.5 million to support demonstration trials involving additives and other dietary modifications that have the potential to address methane emissions from livestock.

“Addressing enteric methane emissions from livestock is key to slowing the rate of climate change,” Senior Director of Global Agriculture Methane from the Environmental Defense Fund, John R. Tauzel said in a press release. “California’s investment in enteric emissions solutions is a leading example of how to support more resilient livestock systems and a healthier climate collectively.”

The reduction research program will award competitive grants to universities with or without a private partnership, non-profit research organizations, and California Native American Tribes. Applicants who have advanced from a pre-proposal phase are being invited to submit full proposals by 5 p.m. on November 1.

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Brian German
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