Easy Way to Rid Your Plants of Spider Mites

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Spider mites on a tomato plant.

Cathy Isom has the second part of her series on spider mites by giving you the easiest way to rid your plants of spider mites. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Easy Way to Rid Your Plants of Spider Mites
Spider mites and web on gorse.
It is used as an agent of biological pest control on common gorse, a noxious weed.

In the event of a heavy infestation on a small plant, you might be better off discarding the plant altogether. That said, you might be able to save your plant by pruning the most damaged leaves before attempting to control the mites.

Bag the clippings immediately and burn the contents, if possible. Wash the plant foliage to reduce mite populations. Gardeners have had luck simply moving the infested plant outside or into a bathtub or shower and using a forceful spray of water from either a garden hose or faucet to dislodge the mites, washing them away from the plant.

Green fresh leaf covered with microscopic web of spider mite colony.
Plant disease. Tetranychus.

Avoid using an ordinary dishwashing detergent: use insecticidal soap, as it’s less harmful to most plants. Wipe off larger plant leaves using a soft, damp washcloth as well. Miticides are special pesticides created to control mites, and they’re available for houseplants. You can find them for sale from most garden supply stores or local nurseries.

Make sure to treat all your houseplants at once to prevent the mites from simply hiding in a new plant. Additionally, remember to repeat the treatment after 14-day intervals to kill off any new mites that may have hatched between treatments.

Finally, keep plants healthy to reduce pest impact. They should continuously be well-fed, watered, and fertilized for the best results.

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