Easy to Grow Plant with Bold, Bright Flavor

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The easy to grow plant with bold, bright flavor to spice up your cooking. That’s coming up This Land of Ours.

Anise is a herbaceous plant that grows about two feet tall, and produces plenty of delicious seeds that can be used to flavor soups, cakes, candies, and more. Although they have a similar flavor, star anise and anise are two distinct plants. They’re often confused because of the name.

Anise requires a long growing season of at least 120 days. Start seeds 6-8 weeks indoors before the average final frost date for your area if you have a short growing season. Anise seedlings are delicate, so some people have difficulty transplanting them into the garden. Due to their sensitivity to transplanting, it’s best to start the seeds in biodegradable pots. Doing so helps to disturb the plants and roots as little as possible.

Anise will benefit your entire yard. It’s an aromatic plant that can lure honeybees and other beneficial pollinators to your garden, so try not to section it away on its own.

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Easy to Grow Plant with Bold, Bright Flavor