Easy to Grow Nutritious, Tasty, Vegetable

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An easy to grow veggie that your family will beg for. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Fresh Green Beans from the Garden

Green beans are garden superstars because they grow with very little care, look beautiful, produce nutritious tasty vegetables, and are easy for kids to plant.

There are several types of green bean plants to choose from, such as Pole Beans, String Beans and Chinese Green Beans. All share in common a prolific crop of tasty and healthy green bean pods, ready to eat right off the vine or cook up as a family-pleasing side dish vegetable, add to soups, or mix into casseroles. You can even choose bean types that are purple or yellow instead of green for extra color in your garden and in the kitchen.

The green bean growing season is a long one. Start planting your green beans any time after the threat of frost is passed and the soil starts to warm.  Add a few more green bean plants every two weeks to stagger the harvest, and you’ll be able to pick fresh green beans through the fall. And in mild-winter areas, extend your harvest even longer.

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Easy to Grow Nutritious, Tasty, Vegetable